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Comfort Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty

Rest Assured with REM Sleep Solutions

30 night comfort guarantee

The REM Bed is specifically designed to satisfy a wide range of individual’s sleeping needs. We have had the pleasure of helping over 10,000 satisfied customers and it is our greatest desire to provide you with the same superior product and service from the company you can believe in.  

  • Please allow a 15 night adjustment period as your body may need time to adjust to a different sleeping surface.
  • If you do not sleep well after the 15th night, please give REM the opportunity to get you comfortable. We will work with you to address your specific concerns and very often we are able to provide a solution that gets you sleeping well.
  • There are many adjustments that we can make to the REM mattress to dramatically affect the firmness or softness of the mattress performance.
  • You have 30 full nights to sleep on the REM Bed for the comfort guarantee.
  • If we are unable to satisfy the issue with your current mattress we will proceed with the comfort guarantee and exchange your mattress based your specific need.
  • REM will pay for shipping the new mattress to you and your current mattress back to us. We do require the customer to prepare the current mattress for shipment back to our main office by removing the current cover and putting the mattress in the same box the new mattress arrives in.
  • The returned mattress must be in clean condition free of dirt, stains and smoke.
  • Adjustable bases, flat foundations, frames, mattress toppers, sheets, pillows, protectors, and other accessories do not have a trial period.
  • Mattress must be bought direct from the REM Sleep Solutions Inc. website, office phone, home show or REM retail location. Non REM Sleep Solution retail stores are not covered with this guarantee.

Lifetime Warranty

REM Mattresses Lifetime Warranty

REM Sleep Solutions, Inc.  is proud to back our mattresses with a Lifetime Warranty. We guarantee that our mattresses will retain 90% or more of its resiliency or form for the lifetime of the mattress for the original purchaser. We further guarantee the mattress will be free from manufacturer's defect for the lifetime of the mattress for the original purchaser.

Using unauthorized foundations or boxsprings is not recommended and will void the warranty. This warranty is valid only when using the mattress with an REM foundation or REM adjustable bed. The REM mattress covers have a one year warranty against faulty craftsmanship. After one year, replacement covers can be purchased at or by calling 1-877-REM-BEDS.

This warranty covers the original purchaser only and is not valid for person to person transfers. Original purchaser must provide copy of adequate proof of purchase from any of our designated store locations, home shows, or authorized vendors including chiropractors, health clinics, doctors, and hospitality locations. Warranty card must be mailed within 60 days from the date of purchase.

Shipping fees for the replacement of your mattress will apply based on location and weight of mattress. Average cost is $200-$300. . Please contact customer service at 1-877-REM-BEDS should you have any questions regarding our warranty information.

REM Wave Adjustable Bed Lifetime Warranty

REM Sleep Solutions, Inc. is proud to back the Wave Adjustable Base with a Lifetime Warranty. We guarantee that the Wave will be free from the manufacturer's defects and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser. Additionally, REM will pay the shipping costs and for the labor to repair or replace damaged parts for the first three years from the original purchase date. 

After the three year period, the purchaser shall pay for the labor and shipping fees and REM will provide replacement parts for the life of the Wave for the original purchaser. This warranty is for the adjustable base components and does not apply to the fabric or outer covering of the Wave as it is susceptible to normal wear and tear. Additionally, batteries must be provided by the purchaser and are not included in this warranty.

Note: The first year of Warranty on the Wave Adjustable Base will be honored by the manufacturer (Reverie). For issues in the first year, please call Reverie directly at 800.973.8374. For all issues after the first year, the warranty will be honored by REM Sleep Solutions.

The Wave MUST be used with a surge protector. Using the Wave without a surge protector will void this warranty. This warranty is not valid for a person to person transfer.